Renssetto Sim Racing Servers are operated by racers for racers.

Server Rules
DO NOT be disrespectful.
DO NOT be toxic.
DO NOT post inappropriate content (NSFW, GORE, RACIST).
DO NOT act like a troll.
DO NOT be abusive/rude to other drivers.
DO NOT retaliate or get revenge.
DO NOT ignore blue flags.

Server Prequisites
KMR/KissMyRank is active on all servers.
SOL is active on all servers.
Updated Custom Shaders Patch required.
AC Ultimate Edition or AC w/ ALL DLC’s is a prerequisite to joining ANY server.
RealPenalty will be active for official races.
ACC sessions will require the Intercontienetal GT Pack & GT4 Pack DLC’s.

Mandatory Apps for Assetto Corsa
Content Manager
Custom Shaders Patch
KissMyRack [Client App]
RealPenalty [Client App]